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About Care 360

Care360 is Australia’s first unconflicted, comprehensive aged care search service. We have a mission to genuinely help families find the right care, regardless of their means.

Care360 will maintain its independence by taking no money from the aged care sector.

We provide a simple, elegant and robust solution to one of the most confusing and stressful family decisions, how to find the best available care solution for your loved one.

Care360’s Aged Care search platform

Care360’s Aged Care search platform:

  • Is designed to help all Australians find the right aged care home with full access to all the available information on that facility, and compare any other comparison facility
  • Is a 100% independent online tool
  • Uses a simple questionnaire to identify the clients needs and preferences
  • Uses a robust algorithm to narrow the 9000+ room options across Australia to the top ten matches
  • Offers an easy to understand report to present and explain those top ten homes

Care360’s Aged Care Search Platform

Care360 will be launching its “Quality of Care Reports” soon. These reports will include all of the same information as the current Care360 reports, but will also show our analysis on which operators have the best ratings for topics such as quality of food, staff, safety, medical care, and compliance



Three years in the making, Care360 is proud to offer the only aged care search service in Australia that is truly independent and allows you to choose the right home from the nearly 3,000 aged care homes, 10,000 room options and 200,000 rooms across Australia.

Finding the right aged care home is vital to the quality of life and the consequences of making the wrong choice can be devastating for the person in care, but also for their family. The complexity of choosing from different financial, medical, location, and quality of both care and lifestyle options, makes this one of the most stressful times for a family will face. Yet until now there has been not one service that allowed you to find the right home without being exposed to conflicted advice from advertising sites that are paid to recommend certain homes over others.

Care360 asks you a series of questions about what exactly you are looking for. These questions take less than ten minutes to answer, yet from this we can determine your needs from up to 60 different cost, location, medical, lifestyle and other factors. Our search algorithm then finds the 10 closest matches to your needs and creates a 25 page report, listing and describing each of those homes and the specific room type matched, including where that particular home best meets your needs and where it is weaker.

Care360 is the first of its kind. Independent. Transparent. Comprehensive. Algortihm-based search, with a heart-fueled mission at its core – to help every Australian family, no matter what their means, to find the right aged care option for their loved one.

If you would like to know more about how our service works, I invite you to make contact with us, and in line with our Transparency Promise, we would be happy to share. We have been working with government and senior Australians advocacy groups such as National Seniors for years to build this service and we are very proud of what we have achieved so far. And there is much more to come as we are now planning to take this service into hospitals and other critical parts of the aged care economy to help improve decision making, improve the quality of care, and create better outcomes for senior Australians and their family.

The Care360 Team

The team that cares for our community.


Craig Swanger

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Leading the Care360 team is experienced investments and innovation expert, Craig Swanger.

Tim Pritchard

Tim Pritchard

Chief Operating Officer

Investment banking. Sales. Team management. Corporate governance. Finance & operations. Entrepreneur.

Trenna Probert

Trenna Probert


Start-up educator, entrepreneur & investor. Go-to-market Strategy. Product development. Partnerships.

The Care360 Advisory Council

Darrell Price

Darrell Price

National Head of Health and Aged Care Grant Thornton
Paul Bodimeade

Paul Bodimeade

Executive Chairman at MGD Wealth
Noel Lord

Noel Lord

Head of Channel Development, MetLife
Dermot Lindsay<

Dermot Lindsay

National Head of Specialist Advice at Shadforth Financial Group

Corporate Partnerships


Our personal experiences drove us to make aged-care better for everyone.

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