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Mum or Dad needs aged care. Let that sink in. How do you feel? Scared? Guilty? Panicked? All three and more? That’s natural. And it’s okay. The first thing to do is something. Something that makes Mum or Dad – and you – feel safe. But where to start?

Aged-care is complex. Add to this, in Australia, the quality of care varies enormously, as seen in recent media and Royal Commission news. Just paying more doesn’t guarantee the right quality of care.

There’s so much to think about but most people simply think price. So before you say: “How are we going to afford it?” We’re here to help you slow down and think what’s best for Mum and Dad – and you.

Now tell us everything they want and everything they need. It might be as simple as a garden or a shed for Dad. It might be specialist needs like pain management or dementia care. Space for the family to visit. WiFi. Foxtel. Library. Choice of wine with dinner. What about quality ratings? What are other residents saying about the food or the staff?  Big room, small room, shared room?

You know your loved one’s best. Talk to them. Tell us what they – and you – want for them to have the perfect experience at this time of life. We are listening.

Ten minutes online is all we need to give you what you are looking for. Then immediately receive our Quality of Care Report – a list of the top ten matches to your needs. Better information to share with the family.

The right care also means that the operator of the home is competent and stays that way. There are too many stories of cost cutting severely impacting the dignity and quality of the lives they are paid to serve. A well-known brand and paying more doesn’t guarantee competence. Nor quality. Quality care is about finding the right match for your loved one's needs and making sure that the home and operator is considered competent by the other residents and by the government.

That's what we do.

Our transparency promise

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We don’t nor will we take advertising or any other conflicted payments from the homes or their operators. Ever.

We don’t nor will we favour one home or operator over another, for any reason. Ever.

We don’t nor will we pass your information onto aged care homes or their operators. Ever.

Ten minutes. Ten homes that match your needs. Your report. No obligations. No advertising. Just the facts.

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