How do I know if Mum or Dad are okay...

...each and every day?

Now that Mum or Dad have settled in, there are still many things to think about. Are they getting enough sleep? Or fresh air?  Exercise? And beyond their basic care needs, what about the facility itself and its staff? Mum really loves Nurse Susan; what if she retires or finds another job? How will I know if the Aged Care Home is financially sound for the long term? What about if a new owner comes in? Will the quality of care continue?

Care360 gives families the Peace of Mind to ensure that they have made the right choice about the care of their loved ones and continues to offer services and products that instill confidence and remove guilt, including:

  • Compliance 
  • Solvency
  • Change in management
  • Wearables
  • Regular check-up reports
  • …and more

And for all Care360 families that use our “Sell with Care” or “Fund with Care” services, we provide “Follow with Care” service in which we update you with any changes to the quality measures of the home that you have chosen for as long as you wish, at no cost.


Monthly reports, health checks and so much more. Make sure Mum and Dad - and their aged-care home - stay healthy and safe.

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